An Introduction – The Who, What, Why, When, Where, & How of Plastic Neon (My 5W1H)

I’m an ‘80s kid who’s seeking a platform to speak about the things that I’m fascinated with, and enjoy in life.

Blogs, vlogs, social posts, photos, videos, commentary, blah, blah, blah. Besides the ‘80s references, you can expect stuff to do with art, coffee, beer, electronics, maker projects, and a lot more.

Eventually, I would like to produce more videos than anything else. I really, really want to do that. I also want to do live streaming. But I don’t have the time. So for now, mostly through blogging and social posts.

I want to be a content creator, of sorts. But not for a living (although monetizing may be used later). Ultimately, this is a way for me to journal my life and interests, and leave behind a record for, or legacy to, my kids. I want them to know more about me. More than I can portrait during the ups and downs of life.

Besides the various websites (blogs) that I’ve set up, I’m concentrating on YouTube and Instagram. I may also use Twitter more for those quick little blurbs that I don’t want to post anywhere else.

I haven’t made any regular schedules yet, but in time I would like to be more predictable and reliable. Especially when I consistently release more videos and live content.