Bump it up

I recently created a couple of bumpers.  I’m just playing around right now, but I hope to find the time to make some more interesting videos and films.


Back to Macro Photography

It’s late and I’m tired, so I hope I make sense in this post.

One of my favorite past times have been taking macro photos.  I started with some cheap cameras and lots of trickery back when I was younger.  Now I have the equipment, but haven’t gone back.  So I feel like this will make a good starting point for getting back to my online presence, as well as getting back to something that I really enjoy.

I’ve mostly been working over my Instagram account, so for now these macro photos can be found there (@plasticneon).  But while I gather experience, I’m look out for some good ones for prints or other uses.

Here’s my first/recent published macro series.  It’s of an apple, and when I saw it, I instantly thought of space and celestial bodies, like a planet or moon.  Anyway, please comment here, or follow me on IG and comment there too.