afterLive Project in Progress

My biggest goal of 2017 has been to begin blogging or vlogging regularly.  I hate writing.  Actually, that’s not true.  I am so hypercritical that I find it painful to write.  So really, this goal will inevitably lead to vlogging.

My current plan is to create a show called afterLive.  The idea is that I’ll live stream what I want to talk about, then afterward, I’ll take the recorded stream and chop it up into vlog posts.  Pretty simple.

I feel like if I force myself to (mostly) stick with footage that comes out of the live stream, then I won’t be so critical.  I’ll be stuck with what I have, and it’ll be what it’ll be.  Albeit, there will be editing involved, and added bits here and there.

At first, the raw live stream will only be available at that time, and will disappear afterward.  But I may eventually post the raw live stream later on.  Also, these live events aren’t going to be announced at first.  I want to make sure that I have it figured out, and that I will actually do it regularly, before I get an audience.

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